Park City Areas

The Park City area is only 30 minutes from the Salt Lake City Airport.  Park City is an authentic mining town with it's own Ski Area.  There is a lift and run coming down into the town, and 5 mins away is a main base area and parking.  To the North of Park City is 'The Canyons', the largest ski area in Utah.  The Canyons base area is a 15 minute drive from Park City.  New in 2015, The Canyons and Park City ski areas have been linked by a new gondola and now combined, they are the largest ski area in North America.  The third area of the Park City area is legendary 'Deer Valley' which is a skier-only area.  Deer Valley is only 15 mins to the South of Park City.
SkyRun offers rental properties in all 3 areas.